Udder Ambivalence

An accordian bookwork by Judith Kerman containing an Internet Purim Talmud
(a funny and learned discussion of Torah) concerning the kosher laws as they pertain
to udders and breastmilk, with a poem based on the discussion displayed on pop-up
sections. ($30 hardcover, $15 paperback including s&h)




Other Jewish-themed bookworks by Judith Kerman

Some Blessings for Hanukkah

A booklet of blessings for each of the 8 days of Hanukkah, designed for ecumenical as well as Jewish use, compiled and designed by Judith Kerman.

5.5" x 4.25", saddle-stitched. $5 includes s&h.

Hanukkah Blessings booklet

Unique Jewish items with a Renewal perspective

mezuzah cases
hand-painted silks (tallits, matzah covers, etc.) made to order
cotton tzitzit kits for making your own tallit

Shekinah Amulet

Symbolizes the "Shekinah" or presence of G-d in the world. "She shelters us under her wings." Flames/wings arise from the letter Shin, the first letter of the words "Shekinah," "Sh'ma" and "Shaddai". Approximately 1 inch wide.

Suitable for hanging on a chain or ribbon (ribbon included). $36 sterling silver, $30 bronze including s&h.

Sterling Amulet
Bronze Amulet
Custom-designed bead necklaces, earrings (silver, semiprecious, polymer clay, etc.) to order.

Shekinah Mezuzah

Symbolizes the "Shekinah" or presence of G-d in the world. "She shelters us under her wings." Flames/wings /leaves surround the mezuzah text visible through glass container.

Size varies, but generally 3-4" high. Polymer clay and pyrex glass. Laser printed scroll (not kosher). Mounts with two small screws (included). $36 including s&h.


Tzitzit kits

Cotton tzitzit cords cut to correct lengths, with diagram and instructions. Available all white or white with one blue cord for each tzitzit. 100% cotton, but not certified kosher. Blue cords are dyed with a modern dye.

$10.00 including s&h.

All White

With blue cord

Yehudit Judaica by Judith Kerman

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or call 989-892-1429

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