Submissions & Inquiries

Mayapple Press is a highly-selective small press established in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. We publish contemporary literature, especially poetry, works by women, literature of the Great Lakes states (including New York and Pennsylvania), the immigrant experience, including Judaica. We also welcome poetry anthologies, short fiction and science fiction poetry. Publications are in trade paperback formats (30-100 pages). In general, we publish only authors with prior publications with reputable presses or literary magazines.

Sorry, but Mayapple Press is closed to unsolicited submissions at this time. In 2012, Mayapple Press will probably read manuscripts between July 1 and August 30, although we may close sooner. Please do not submit during other times of the year.

Please contact us with new work during our reading period. Unsolicited submissions received during a closed period will not be read. Hard-copy and email submissions will not usually be answered or acknowledged - we use a submissions management system available during our open period.

Please read our submissions guidelines before submitting.

If your work has not previously been published (or if you have published only in anthologies or magazines where authors pay or are required to purchase copies in order to be included), please click here.

Thank you for your interest in Mayapple Press.