Springback Manuscript Binders: the writer's old-time favorite!
Now available in real leather, too! <-- Click here for Custom Engraved Leather

The most up to date details about Springback Manuscript Binders (ideal for movie scripts, film-makers, production companies, thesis, dissertation, students, poets - also known as "snap binders") can now be found at http://mayapplepress.com/springback-manuscript-binders/
Remember when you were an undergrad, and all the visiting writers read out of those cool black notebooks that looked like hardback books? We've located a supplier and are now offering them for sale in 3 sizes. These hold 8.5x11" paper (US standard letter size).

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the secret decoder ring or instructions for the secret writers' handshake. But these binders are the next best thing! One of our buyers says: I just put my in-progress chapbook mss in the binder and it is so great to have it all in one place with the feel of a book. :)

The entire spine of this binder is a steel spring clip (the big brother of those binder clips everyone uses nowadays for papers.) The boards and spine are covered with black leatherette, good for years of use.

  This is its baby brother,
the binder clip that is so popular now.

To insert pages into a springback binder, you bend back the covers until they almost touch and the clip opens. The binder comes with a black tagboard folder to hold your pages. You just insert the folder with the pages (or the pages alone) and return the cover to the "closed" position.

These are also used as thesis binders, script binders and even stamp albums. Great for lawyers, too, for trial papers, estate plans, etc.!

REAL LEATHER is now available, custom-made! We can get a wide variety of colors. Please contact us by email about colors. Priced at $100 for 1", $105 for 1.5", $110 for 2" thickness. Pay by check or PayPal payment request. Turnaround 2-3 weeks.

Credit card orders can only be paid through PayPal. However, we also accept payment by check. Michigan residents please be sure to add sales tax. Please send checks to:
Mayapple Press
362 Chestnut Hill Rd
Woodstock, NY 12498

At the request of writers who work in long forms,
we now offer all three sizes.

1" thick (holds about 85 sheets)


1.5" thick

(holds about 140 sheets)

2" thick (holds about 180 sheets) $29.00

Shipping within the US is $9 for the first binder, $1.50 each additional, including mixed sizes. This is the shipping charge for our standard leatherette binders only - shipping for custom leather binders varies. Please query us.

Because of the limitations of PayPal shopping carts, if you buy more than one size, the PayPal shopping cart may overcharge you for shipping. We are trying to find a way around this. Until we do, we will promptly refund any excess via PayPal.

For International Orders, bulk orders, help with calculations or help with other questions, please send email to paypal1@mayapplepress.com.

Once we have established the correct amount, we will send you a PayPal Payment Request by email, or you can send a check. Please do not use the PayPal buttons for bulk, custom leather or international orders.