Custom Engraved Leather Springback Manuscript Binders

Interested in our custom engraved Springback Leather Binders? Click here for a quote

We now offer our Springback Manuscript Binders in leather! They come in a variety of colors and can be custom engraved in a variety of fonts. These binders are sized for US “Letter” paper. That’s 8 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall (215.9mm by 279.4mm). This means that “A4” paper will NOT fit comfortably, as it is 210mm wide by 297mm tall.

Outside leather colors shown are are: Black, Brown, Red, Tobacco
We can sometimes get other, more exotic, colors. There is a field for that on the “request for quote” form.

Here is a .pdf showing the fonts available on our custom engraved leather springback manuscript binders. This is a hand-made item, using legacy dies, so only these fonts, only these sizes, please. If your inscription requires numerals, please note the (Numerals available) indication on the .pdf

1.5″ thick (comfortably holds about 150 sheets) $125.00 & $15.00 per line of inscription & S+H
2″ thick (comfortably holds about 200 sheets) $130.00 & $15.00 per line of inscription & S+H
Sheet counts above are conservative and refer to a paper weight of 20lb/75g (standard everyday use copy paper). Inserting more sheets or thicker sheets may make for less grip from the spine.
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The “request a quote” page is a good way to get you thinking about your own customized leather springback binder. The usual turn-around time for these binders is 5 to 7 weeks, sometimes less, depending on the time of year. These custom engraved leather springback manuscript binders are hand-made items and so some variations in colors and turn-around times are possible. For rush jobs (around 2 weeks) we have to charge a rush fee of $125.

One of our buyers says: “I just put my in-progress chapbook manuscript in the binder and it is so great to have it all in one place with the feel of a book. :)”

The entire spine of this binder is a steel spring clip (the big brother of those “bulldog” binder clips everyone uses nowadays for papers.) You could think of it as a high tension spine clamp. The boards and spine are covered with black leatherette, good for years of use.

These are also used as thesis binders, script binders and even stamp albums. Great for lawyers, too, for trial papers, estate plans, etc.! Our springback binders are seen on sets like “Dumb and Dumberer”, “Community”, Legendary Pictures and in the hands of actors and writers everywhere.

Interested in our custom engraved Springback Leather Binders? Click here for a quote

To insert pages into a springback binder, you bend back the covers until they almost touch and the clip opens. The binder comes with a black tagboard folder to hold your pages. You just insert the folder with the pages (or the pages alone) and return the cover to the “closed” position.

Here’s a quick video showing how to insert pages into a Springback Manuscript Binder

If you cannot see the video click here!

Here is the page for the regular Springback Manuscript Binders. They are much less expensive and the turn-around time is much faster!