The Man Who Loved His Wife – Jennifer Anne Moses

The Man Who Loved His Wife – Jennifer Anne Moses

Fiction, short stories. Paper, Perfect Bound. 172 pages
2021, ISBN: 978-1-936419-96-8 $20.95 + S&H

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Jews being Jewish: that’s the subject of Jennifer Anne Moses’s new collection of short stories. Whether in Tel Aviv, suburban New Jersey, or the Deep South, the characters who populate the pages of The Man Who Loved His Wife grapple with God, their loved ones, fate, death, hope, Hitler, transcendence, and the 4000 year old history of Judaism. With a Yiddish sensibility born of passion, an eye for detail, and a deadpan sense of humor reminiscent of Singer, Salinger, and Tillie Olsen, Moses captures singularly Jewish and wholly human characters as they live and breathe through their stories Lovely, tender, and hard to put down, these are short stories that leave you yearning for more.

Praise for The Man Who Loved His Wife:
Few others writing today explore as profoundly the stress of childhood, adolescence, and parenthood on the second and third generations of East European immigrants—the Jewish family in its American incarnation—as Jennifer Anne Moses. — Sol Gittelman, author of From Shtetl to Suburbia: The family in Jewish literary imagination.

At their finest the stories in Jennifer Anne Moses’s The Man Who Loved His Wife have the wit, whimsy, and surreal wonder of Chagall paintings—but a dark, depraved Chagall whose angels are as deeply flawed as they are grittily earthbound. — Peter Selgin, author of Drowning Lessons and The Inventors.

The wonderful stories in Jennifer Anne Moses’s The Man Who Loved His Wife play the heartstrings like a harp, striking deep chords of pathos and passion to wild chords of hilarity. Seldom does such essential wisdom come in such an entertaining package. — Steve Stern, author of The Frozen Rabbi.

Jennifer Anne Moses is our century’s Bernard Malamud or Saul Bellow. With warmth, tenderness, and wit, she captures the essence of the modern Jewish experience in the family, the workplace, and the bedroom. It leaves you hungry for more. — Gabrielle Glaser, author of American Baby: A Mother, a Child, and the Shadow History of Adoption

Jennifer Moses has the Malamudian touch, and an uncanny gift for transposing the Yiddish mixture of mordancy and compassion into lively English stories – Leon Weiseltier – Editor, Liberties

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From: “The Uncircumcised”
Three months after his aging daughter Rhonda gave him a one-year-old poodle-Lab-golden-retriever mix to keep as a pet, Felder came to believe that the dog — who looked at him mournfully whenever he went to the bathroom and waited for him by the door, as still as a statue, until he came out — was in fact none other than the reincarnation of his sister, Esther, may her name be a blessing. Esther, who was seven years his elder and his de facto mother, had been taken to Bergen-Belsen during the war and had never been heard from since.

About the Author
Jennifer Anne Moses is a multi-genre author whose books include Food and Whine, The Book of Joshua, Bagels and Grits, Visiting Hours, Tales from My Closet, and The Art of Dumpster Diving. The Man Who Loved His Wife is her first collection of short stories. Her essays and short stories have been widely published and anthologized. She’s also a painter. She is the mother of three grown children, and lives in Montclair, NJ, with her husband of more than three decades and their two bad dogs. She can be found at JenniferAnneMosesArts.com