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Retail Sales

Mayapple Press has no separate printed catalog – this website is the best source of information about our publications.

For your convenience, Mayapple Press is pleased to offer the PayPal system, which permits you to purchase our publications from us directly, using a credit card. Buttons which allow you to add any publication to your Shopping Cart are available throughout the site. The security of your transactions is provided by PayPal, one of the best-established systems for small merchants online.

For the fastest response to your order, please order online.

However, if you prefer to use regular mail, please send a check or money order, including shipping and handling (see below) to:

Mayapple Press
362 Chestnut Hill Rd
Woodstock, NY 12498

You can also call us with your order, we accept credit cards over the telephone +1 845 684 5519

New York Residents will be charged a flat 8% sales tax on all purchases, including shipping. Because every taxing district in New York sets its own rates, PayPal is not able to make the calculation based on customer’s actual address. This rate is slightly less than the average for New York State.

Shipping of Mayapple Press publications to domestic USA Zip codes is laid out in the table below:

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Overseas shipping: please contact us

For shipping on binders and other items, please consult the appropriate page or your PayPal payment form.

Please contact us for priority shipping rates and rates to addresses outside the United States. Send email to

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Bookstore / Library Discounts

Mayapple Press has no separate printed catalog – this website is the best source of information about our publications.

Copies Discount Order Type
1-5 20% no returns, mixed titles OK
6 or more 30% consignment, mixed titles OK
6 or more 40% returnable, mixed titles OK
6 or more 45% non-returnable, mixed titles OK

Please add $4.00 shipping and handling for first copy, $.50 for each additional copy.

To order, send check or purchase order to:
Mayapple Press
362 Chestnut Hill Rd
Woodstock, NY 12498

We accept orders and inquiries by email. Please be sure to include your PO number and the name and telephone number of a contact person in your organization. Send email to:

We have recently joined the PayPal system. Please let us know if PayPal payment would be useful to wholesale purchasers – if so, we will install the appropriate capacities.

For telephone information, please call +1 (845) 684 5519 evenings. Our fax is at the same number, so please call before faxing.

Mayapple Press is pleased to be distributed by Small Press Distribution, Partners Book Distributing and Baker & Taylor. Please contact them by telephone to order – it may be necessary to ask for a back order.

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Mayapple Press is pleased to be distributed by SPD.

SPD’s website:
Mayapple Press books at SPD

Small Press Distribution is a non-profit literary arts organization located in Berkeley, California. Its mission is to connect readers with writers by providing access to independently published literature.

SPD allows essential but underrepresented literary communities to participate fully in the marketplace and in the culture at large through book distribution, information services, and public advocacy programs. SPD nurtures an environment in which the literary arts are valued and sustained.

Founded in 1969, SPD is currently the only distributor in the country dedicated exclusively to independently published literature.

Small Press Distribution
1341 Seventh Street
Berkeley, CA 94710-1409
(510) 524-1668
(800) 869-7553

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Mayapple Press items are available via Amazon. While we prefer to sell you the books ourselves, we understand that sometimes you’d rather go somewhere else.

Mayapple Press Kindle Editions at Amazon