Mayapple Press is a small literary press founded in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. We celebrate literature that is both challenging and accessible: poetry that transcends the categories of "mainstream" and "avant-garde"; women's writing; the Great Lakes/Northeastern culture; the recent immigrant experience; poetry in translation; science fiction poetry.
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The Translator’s Sister – Mary Winegarden

The Translator's Sister - Mary Winegarden

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 81 pp.
$14.95 plus s&h
2011, ISBN 978-1936419-029

In response to the unexpected death of her sister Katharine Washburn, Mary Winegarden has taken on the challenge of translating their lives into living language. Using phrases from Washburn’s work as her foil, Winegarden creates a moving meditation on the bonds of sisterhood. Crossing boundaries between prose and poetry, fiction and memoir, convention and experimentation, The Translator’s Sister resonates with the intimacy and humor of remembered details, with loss translated into art. This shimmering conversation will sweep you in.

Mayapple Press is pleased to announce that Mary Winegarden’s The Translator’s Sister has been awarded an American

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After The Firestorm – Susan Kolodny

After The Firestorm - Susan Kolodny

After The Firestorm – Susan Kolodny

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 62pp.
$13.95 plus S&H
2011, ISBN 978-1-936419-07-4

Susan Kolodny draws on her work as a clinical psychoanalyst in her first collection of poetry, After the Firestorm. Kolodny’s evocative style arises from an imagination both sensory and analytical. The poems suggest the unity of love and suffering, and walk a difficult line between the pleasures of the physical world and its dormant, invisible dimensions. Kolodny is a brilliant observer of nature, at once attentive and inquisitive, whose haunting questions provide a starting point for her lyrical investigations into the losses and traumas we all experience.

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Janet Planet – Eleanor Lerman

Janet Planet - Eleanor Lerman

Janet Planet – Eleanor Lerman

Fiction. Paper, Perfect Bound. 208pp.
$17.95 plus S&H
2011, ISBN 978-1-936419-067

  “Janet Planet” by Eleanor Lerman is available in a Kindle edition. Click here to download from Amazon

Janet Planet is a unique work that attempts to showcase the young and rebellious spirit of a Woodstock generation that eventually grew up-and away-from those glorious hippie days. In the novel, Janet Harris-known as Janet Planet-is the reader’s guide into and out of the psychedelic years as she joins Jorge Castelan (a fictionalized Castaneda) and his circle of women and

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Nothing More To Tell – George Dila

Nothing More To Tell - George Dila

Trade Paperback. 100pp.
$15.95 plus S&H
2011, ISBN 978-1-936419-05-0

“Nothing More to Tell” by George Dila is available in a Kindle edition. Click here to download from Amazon.

Nothing More to Tell brings together short stories that reflect the combined effects of history, family, and society on the men and women of Michigan’s small towns and big cities. Dila’s prose presents us with a view of middle-aged, middle-class men that is at once ruthlessly honest and understanding. Their lives are tightly woven chains

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Stranger Air – Stacie Leatherman

Stranger Air - Stacie Leatherman

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 84 pp.
$14.95 plus s&h
2011, ISBN 978-1936419-036

Stacie Leatherman’s dynamic poems inhabit the cusp between the domestic and the utterly strange. To read them is to travel where we haven’t been before, where things seem lost or on the verge of disappearing. To make something from nothing, out of the pure air of imagination, but to make it so sensually, emphasizing touch, creating a world of things to fill the air, a world of tumbling metaphors and images, is the essence of this superb book where every word is a metaphor for something unsayable. Leatherman is always probing, uncovering and discovering, and she understands that surrealism is a mode of restless thought, not a mere program. When you open

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They Say This Is How Death Came into the World – Paul Dickey

They Say This Is How Death Came into the World - Paul Dickey

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 78 pp.
$14.95 plus s&h
2011, ISBN 978-0932412-997

Paul Dickey’s poems demonstrate perfectly how irony and wit can serve as little bits of salvation in a world that may not be entirely against us, but isn’t much for us, either. The poems in They Say This Is How Death Came into the World are full of sly twists and turns, surprising nuances, and witty insights. At once profound and mischievous, wicked and accurate, serious and comic, they offer a reflection of reality that appears at first glance to be a fun-house mirror. Whether it’s a poem about (or around) Mark Rothko’s painting Yellow Band or a prose poem about “Mowing the Lawn” that pauses

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No Eden – Sally Rosen Kindred

No Eden - Sally Rosen Kindred

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 70 pp.
$14.95 plus s&h
2011, ISBN 978-0932412-980

The poems in No Eden merge the landscapes of a rainy girlhood in the American South and the mythic world of Noah and the Flood. In these poems, a backyard stretches between a mother and daughter–the lessons of “distance tender and biblical.” The Carolina yard opens to hold the fruits of Eve and Lilith, the flight of Noah’s raven and dove, the small terrors of curbs and classrooms. These are poems of a “family awake through a storm,” an intimate theology of floods, loss, and betrayal.

No Eden by Sally Rosen Kindred reviewed at New Pages

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Mapping the Sands – Geraldine Zetzel

Mapping the Sands - Geraldine Zetzel

Mapping the Sands – Geraldine Zetzel

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 76 pp
$14.95 plus s&h
2010, ISBN 978-0932412-850

This book is a record, not so much of making life one’s own as of allowing it to emerge. Evoking the journey of a long life, Geraldine Zetzel’s accomplished poems express a potent, often playful imagination that reaches through strictures of propriety and convention to the bedrock of connection. This is mature work in a world where there is great thirst for it.

The Canyon, 1945
by Geraldine Zetzel

Five kids—wartime ranch hands
let off for a few days’ rest—
we go camping in Clark’s Fork Canyon.
The Shoshone runs muddy and loud
from the year’s late ice-melt.

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The Other Place You Live – Jane O. Wayne

The Other Place You Live - Jane O. Wayne

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 80 pp.
$14.95 plus s&h
2010, ISBN 978-0932412-973

The Other Place You Live explores “the world’s slow unwinding.” With intensity of language and a bounty of imagery, she reveals those other places wherever she is in the world. The poems move effortlessly from metaphor to metaphor, gradually building an atmosphere of dark disquiet, then suddenly revealing, as by moonlight, the burnished joy at the heart of things. This is a book of serious riches and profound human pleasures.

As It Happens
by Jane O. Wayne

In a wide realm of refusals
where doorknobs fall off
in her hands and trains
pull away without her, the papery years
collapse as

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Cyborgia – Susan Slaviero

Cyborgia - Susan Slaviero

Paper, perfect bound, 78 pp
$14.95 plus s&h
2010, ISBN 978-0932412-904

Melding the language of sci-fi and sensuality, Cyborgia, Susan Slaviero’s redolent, ambitious debut, wallows delightfully in its rhythm and vocabulary yet remains sharp and meticulous. In this lyric guide to cyborg feminism — complete with robosexuality and teledildonics — Slaviero traverses traditional female tropes, including fairy-tale heroines, mermaids, and brides. Full of lucent wit, imagination, intelligence, and a scathing playfulness.

Consider the Dangers of Reconstructing Your Wife As a Cyborg
by Susan Slaviero

If you ask, I will explain the paradox of a virus that infects only metal. I am not your celluloid marionette. Not marriage material, or hulled fruit. You think I am cruel as the moon, but really,

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