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Jerome Rothenberg – A Bodhisattva Undoes Hell – Lyrics

Because he saw the men of the world ploughing their fields, sowing the seed, trafficking, huckstering, buying and selling, and at the end winning nothing but bitterness, for this he was moved to pity

To the figures bathing at the river
Jizo appeared

The sky was full of small fishes
The bodies of the men
twisted in an afternoon
when earth and air were one

With Hell a hard fact
the double lotus
brought the son of heaven
down among us
And the bathers showed their hands
that bore the marks of nails

What Jizo said
was this

Let’s bury their lousy hammers
My people
are tired of pain
The world’s been crucified
long enough

The rain fell gently on their wounds
The women lugged
big platters of shrimp
to the bathers
when Jizo’s diamond
caught the sun

The rest of us
sat at the stone windows
overlooking the river
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