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Mayapple author Allison Joseph goes viral

Allison Joseph - Mercurial - Front cover

Allison Joseph – Mercurial

Allison Joseph – Voice: Poems

Allison Joseph, author of the Mayapple books Mercurial and Voice: Poems, was tickled* by Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” ordure. So she did what a poet does, she wrote. Her poem “Alternative Facts” has become a viral sensation and is being shared all over social media.

You can read “Alternative Facts” at LitHub. There are sharing buttons at the bottom of that page, should you choose to share.

WNIJ will be airing Allison’s reading of the poem this Friday (Jan. 26) during WNIJ’s presentation of Morning Edition. Listen at at 5:45am (Central) & 7:45 a.m. (Central). When we have audio, we’ll also post it here.

(Jan. 30, 2017 EDIT) Here is the page with Allison reading:
And, in case of link rot, here is the audio of the reading:

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    Rain When You Want Rain – Betsy Johnson-Miller

    Rain When You Want Rain - Betsy Johnson-Miller

    Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 74 pp
    $14.95 plus s&h
    2010, ISBN 978-0932412-867

    Writing about life’s absurdities, Betsy Johnson-Miller infuses her lines with a winning sense of eros. In this beautifully crafted collection, she explores the fragile grace that is earned by finding a necessary voice in contrasts: mother/daughter, husband/wife, humor/sadness, faith/skepticism, the world of the flesh/the world of the spirit, and so much more.

    Hear Betsy Johnson-Miller read 4 poems from Rain When You Want Rain
    [audio: Johnson-Miller.mp3]

    Season’s End
    by Betsy Johnson-Miller

    —To translate the darkness that comes sooner now

    We do not name the bees’
    addiction, yet we all know

    the way they crawl into whatever
    will hold them when

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