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A Prehistory of Mind – Brian Aldiss

A Prehistroy of Mind - Brian Aldiss

A Prehistory of Mind – Brian Aldiss

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 76pp.
$14.95 plus S&H
2008, ISBN 978-0932412-614

Published here for the first time, on an exclusive basis, is Aldiss’ new short story, “Mortistan”. Experience a different side of Brian Aldiss in this volume-soon to be a collectors’ item!

This self-revealing volume allows readers to:

  • ramble through a Martian desert and other fantastic realms
  • visit the Kremlin, Ulan Bator, a European cafe
  • get a glimpse of Aldiss’ personal life
  • live through the eyes of a volcano
  • witness the terror of war and creation of the world

    Colour Contrast
    by Brian Aldiss

    Frost and its crackling silences.
    The dead of night. The general rests
    His huge raw fists upon a dossier.
    On his table burns an oil lamp
    Giving forth a golden glow.
    Beyond tall uncurtained windows
    Snow lies. Bright moonlight floods the room
    Its silver vanquishing the gold.
    Footsteps break the stillness, boots
    On stone. Four soldiers hustle in

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