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Video – Jessica Goodfellow – “Crows, Reckoning”

Here is the Motionpoems treatment for Jessica Goodfellow’s “Crows, Reckoning”. It was realised by Chase Masterson and premiered at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis on may 21st.

Crows Reckoning from Motionpoems on Vimeo.

From the Motionpoems website:

What is a motionpoem?

It’s poetry for the movie-lover in you!

A motionpoem is a short film adaptation of a contemporary poem.

Co-founded by poet Todd Boss and filmmaker Angella Kassube in 2008, Motionpoems Inc is an ambitious nonprofit production company in Minneapolis that makes more than a dozen motionpoems a year.

We give dynamite poems to dynamite filmmakers … and step back! The resulting blasts go out monthly—free to our subscribers—and are felt around the world. We partner with the best publishers in the field. We work with Pulitzer Prize winning poets, major motion picture companies, and early-career artists alike.

Our films (all in glorious hi-def) screen at festivals, cinemas, libraries, museums, bookstores, and schools. And our new public art program brings multimedia poetry experiences to the street…