Love Over 60: an anthology of women’s poems – Robin Chapman & Jeri McCormick, eds.

Love Over 60: an anthology of women’s poems –  Robin Chapman & Jeri McCormick, eds.

Love Over 60: an anthology of women's poems - Robin Chapman & Jeri McCormick, eds.
Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 126 pp.
$16.95 plus s&h
2010, ISBN 978-0932412-874

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Love Over 60: an anthology of women’s poems
Edited by Robin Chapman & Jeri McCormick

This diverse anthology includes work by more than 80 poets, some well known and others relatively unknown, all over the age of 60. These poems speak of love in particular lives and details. Some loves can be categorized—the eros of falling in love, the philia of close friendship; the affectionate bonds of family and familiars; agape’s compassionate loving-kindness—and these are all explored here. There are also poems about a passion for a calling; plain old-fashioned lust; sensual delight in life’s pleasures; tenderness, devotion, and concern. Each poet in this collection writes out of her real experience, belonging to this historical time, from a vast array of loving (or nonloving) exchanges—and so each reader will find individual patterns, nuances, and voices. The whole contributes to defining and refining that elusive word, love, in our time, caught in language and breathed into the poems.


  • Ellery Akers
  • Carol Alena Aronoff
  • Jane Harrington Bach
  • Ellen Bass
  • Joan E. Bauer
  • Margaret Benbow
  • Elinor Benedict
  • Chana Bloch
  • Marguerite Guzmán Bouvard
  • Robin Chapman
  • Kelly Cherry
  • Lucille Clifton
  • Lenore McComas Coberly
  • Wanda Coleman
  • Barbara Crooker
  • Alice D’Alessio
  • Martha Deed
  • Norma DePledge
  • Barbara Drake
  • Susan Elbe
  • Joan Jarvis Ellison
  • Gail Rudd Entrekin
  • Susan J. Erickson
  • Patricia Fargnoli
  • Rosalyn Fein
  • Maureen Tolman Flannery
  • Gretchen Fletcher
  • Alice Friman
  • Shirley Gaines
  • Madelyn Garner
  • Faye George
  • Nikki Giovanni
  • N. G. Haiduck
  • Lois Marie Harrod
  • Lola Haskins
  • Linda Hogan
  • Kathie Isaac-Luke
  • Ruth Moon Kempher
  • Judy Kolosso
  • Judy Kronenfeld
  • Maxine Kumin
  • Jackie Langetieg
  • Jacqueline Lapidus
  • Ellaraine Lockie
  • Christina Lovin
  • Carol Wade Lundberg
  • Jeri McCormick
  • Jo McDougall
  • Ann McGovern
  • Ann McNeal
  • Dodie Meeks
  • Mary Richardson Miller
  • Lisel Mueller
  • Diane Mundt
  • Rosalie Nelson
  • Linda Pastan
  • Kathleen H. Phillips
  • Marge Piercy
  • Suzanne L. Plein
  • Marjorie Power
  • Hilda Raz
  • Elisavietta Ritchie
  • Eve Robillard
  • Judy Roy
  • Dorothy Ryan
  • Nadine S. St. Louis
  • Leone Scanlon
  • Penelope Scambly Schott
  • Myra Shapiro
  • Rochelle Jewel Shapiro
  • Betsy Snider
  • Kathleen Spivack
  • Dorothy Stone
  • Ruth Stone
  • Janet Sunderland
  • Margo Stutts Toombs
  • Donna Wahlert
  • Davi Walders
  • Florence Weinberger
  • Ingrid Wendt
  • Janet Winans