Mayapple Author Victoria Fish embarks on “virtual book tour”

Victoria Fish - Author of "A Brief Moment of Weightlessness"
Victoria Fish – Author of “A Brief Moment of Weightlessness”

Victoria Fish, author of A Brief Moment of Weightlessness, will soon embark on a “virtual book tour”.

A fairly recent phenomenon in the publishing world, the virtual book tour takes an author’s book from one blog to another over the course of several weeks. The bloggers review the book and post about it and thousands of readers are exposed to writers they might otherwise not have noticed. The author can then use those reviews in publicity materials

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Good luck on the tour, Victoria, we’ll be looking forward to all the good words!

Here are the details of the tour:

Monday, September 15th:  Bibliophiliac

Wednesday, September 17th:  Kahakai Kitchen

Thursday, September 18th:  A Bookish Way of Life

Monday, September 22nd:  Seaside Book Nook

Wednesday, September 24th:  A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall

Thursday, September 25th:  Suko’s Notebook

Monday, September 29th:  Book Snob

Wednesday, October 1st:  Bookchickdi

Thursday, October 2nd:  Knowing the Difference

Monday, October 6th:  Svetlana’s Reads and Views

Wednesday, October 8th:  Patricia’s Wisdom

Thursday, October 9th:  Lit and Life

Monday, October 13th:  The Things You Can Read

Tuesday, October 14th:  Under My Apple Tree

Wednesday, October 15th:  5 Minutes for Books

Here is the official page for the tour: http://tlcbooktours.com/2014/07/victoria-fish-author-of-a-brief-moment-of-weightlessness-on-tour-septemberoctober-2014/