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Mona Poetica: A Poetry Anthology – Diane Shipley DeCillis and Mary Jo Firth Gillett, eds.

Mona Poetica: A Poetry Anthology - Diane Shipley DeCillis and Mary Jo Firth Gillett, eds.

Paper, perfect bound, 114 pp
$16.50 plus s&h
2005, ISBN 0-932412-36-X

The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the history of art. It continues to inspire reproduction, parody and countless theories. We see facsimiles of it everywhere: on buildings and mugs, on computer ads, in cartoons. In honor of her 500th birthday, 2003-2006, Mona Poetica celebrates not only the painting but also inspiration and creativity. This rich and varied anthology includes work by: Stephen Dunn, Grace Bauer, William Blake, Edward Hirsch, Natasha Saje and many others.

Mona Poetica: A Poetry Anthology

Edited by Diane Shipley DeCillis and Mary Jo Firth Gillette

Poems by:

  • Jan Lee Ande
  • Grace Bauer

  • Janée J. Baugher

  • Guy R. Beining

  • Jacinto Benavente

  • David Bengtson

  • William Blake

  • Matt Beagle Bourgault

  • Linda Brown

  • Mary Burmaster

  • Diane Shipley DeCillis

  • Sharon Doyle

  • George Drew

  • Stephen Dunn

  • Martin Galvin

  • Christine Gelineau

  • Maralee Gerke

  • John Grey

  • Shayla Hawkins

  • Nazim Hikmet

  • Edward Hirsch

  • Karin Hoffecker

  • Betsey Houghton

  • Mark Johnston

  • Stephen J. Kudless

  • Thomas Lynch

  • Karen Maceira

  • Agnes Martin

  • Betsy McCully

  • Stephanie Painter

  • Ibba Partington

  • Karen M. Peluso

  • Christine Rhein

  • Christina Georgina Rossetti

  • Ruth A. Rouff

  • Natasha Sajé

  • Jean Paik Schoenberg

  • Lucille Gang Shulklapper

  • Paul Silverberg

  • Joseph Stanton

  • David Starkey

  • Susan Terris

  • Wayne Thiebaud

  • Judith Toler

  • Dean Young

  • Elizabeth Volpe

  • Nanette Weiss

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