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Dominant Hand – Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Dominant Hand - Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 64 pp
$14.95 plus s&h
2008, ISBN 978-0932412-584

Dominant Hand is a world filled with the pantomime of love, the trickster coyote, and the conflict between widowed father and concerned grandparents. These poems are set in the seemingly ordinary places of life, but they are not ordinary; here Kerlikowske reveals profound truths that shock and amaze, and put smiles on our faces.

by Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Here she sits in her ivory tower
         Here she stands in her kitchen
                                             Aren’t they the same?
Scraping dried egg from a plate
Deleting excess punctuation

    And before that bent over a tub
    where the two creations squirm
    barely able to contain

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