Mayapple Press is a small literary press founded in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. We celebrate literature that is both challenging and accessible: poetry that transcends the categories of "mainstream" and "avant-garde"; women's writing; the Great Lakes/Northeastern culture; the recent immigrant experience; poetry in translation; science fiction poetry.
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White Food – Toni Mergentime Levi

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 80 pages
2016, ISBN: 978-1-936419-65-4 $15.95 + S&H

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Alloy – Jan Bottiglieri

Alloy by Jan Bottiglieri - front cover

Alloy by Jan Bottigliari

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 82 pages
2015, ISBN: 978-1-936419-52-4 $15.95 + S&H

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A butterfly casts the shadow of a man; a homesick mermaid cleans teeth; a young girl pushes a heavy iron, singing. In Alloy, these and others (daughter, mother, astronaut; an occasional zombie or alien) find voice through poems exploring memory in all its shifting sense and purpose: from childhood recollection to adult reckoning, from folklore and fairytale to family relationships. Bottiglieri’s poems live in large moments and small, in the shimmering balance between grieving and consolation, between loss and what comes after. How do our memories—of

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Feeding Wild Birds – Robert Haight

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 80 pages
$15.95 plus S&H
2013, ISBN 978-1-936419-27-2

Feeding Wild Birds is a collection of poems rooted in the Michigan landscape, as seasons and lives undergo their seamless and subtle transformations. These are meditative poems in spare and simple language that examine the energies in animals, woods, lakes, land, weather and the human heart. In the silences and sounds of nature, the poems speak of the spirit that hovers just beyond the realm of our ideas, that whispers to us in stillness and that lights the paths of our awakening to the beauty of the world.

Praise for “Feeding Wild Birds”
Like the Buddhist and Taoist sages whom he admires, Haight places human life within the great realities—seasons, weathers, the

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Territories, Here & Elsewhere – Judith McCombs

Territories, Here & Elsewhere - Judith McCombs

Territories, Here & Elsewhere – Judith McCombs

Paper, saddlestitched, 28 pp
$6 plus s&h
1996, ISBN-0-932412-10-6

“This poetry full of living detail, and within the detail is an ongoing motif of adventure, risk and survival. McCombs is a pleasure for me to read.” –Alicia Ostriker

Pictures Not in Our Albums
by Judith McCombs

Somewhere it is still
a dream of safety, our young
parents hauling us up the dark pass,

Father blocking the wheels of the trailer
while Mother lets go the emergency brake
& eases the Ford into low, pulls forward
& slows, pulls forward & waits.
As if I had watched from a roadcut

I see the small oval Ford

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