Mayapple author Susana H. Case to read Saturday September 13th, 2014 – Washington DC

Susana H Case - Author of 4 rms w Vu

Author Name – Susana H. Case
Mayapple Book Title(s) – 4 Rms w Vu
Date(s) of Event – 09/13/2014
Event time – 8 PM
Place Name – The Big Hunt
Address – 1345 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC (Map)
Type of event: Reading
Other Event Participants – East Coast poets of District Lit
Notes – hosted in the Devil’s Kitchen downstairs
Event Website – http://districtlit.com/events

Other poets participating:
Frederick Pollack (VA)
MRB Chelko (NY)
Steve Mitchell (NC)
Brian Simoneau (CT)
Ricky Garni (NC)
Jill McDonough (NJ)
Peter Swanson (MA)
Melissa Reddish (MD)
RJ Gibson (WV)
Shelley Puhak (MD)

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