Mayapple Press is a small literary press founded in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. We celebrate literature that is both challenging and accessible: poetry that transcends the categories of "mainstream" and "avant-garde"; women's writing; the Great Lakes/Northeastern culture; the recent immigrant experience; poetry in translation; science fiction poetry.
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Coming Clean – Adrienne Lewis

Coming Clean - Adrienne Lewis

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Paper, perfect bound, 30 pp
$8.00 plus s&h
2003, ISBN 0-932412-21-1

The poem as a form of prayer is one of poetry’s earliest traditions. In the lyric poems of this strong first book, Adrienne Lewis explores the nexus of faith and sexuality as experienced in the dilemmas of marriage and family life.

by Adrienne Lewis

For those on earth can much advance us here.
— Dante

Catholics have it all wrong: Purgatory
is not in the afterlife. It is the aisle in a grocery store
where your husband ignores you, the bed covers
you lie beneath alone. Never knowing if

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Recipe for Disaster – Pamela Miller

Recipe for Disaster - Pamela Miller

Paper, perfect bound, 66pp
$12.00 plus s&h
2003, ISBN 0-932412-19-X

A collection of tough, extremely funny poems by a woman whose imagination never runs dry. Quirky, edgy, sometimes poignant and sometimes uproarious.

What Makes a Man a Man
by Pamela Miller

for Richard

I tried to make a man out of
diamonds and quartz,
with a big rectangular ruby for a heart
and a mirrorball head that shot light all around,
but the jewels clouded over
or kept falling off
or smelling like eight-month-old green cottage cheese,
so I broke him apart
and buried him in the ground
and that was the nasty end of that.

Then I tried to build

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