Mayapple Press is a small literary press founded in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. We celebrate literature that is both challenging and accessible: poetry that transcends the categories of "mainstream" and "avant-garde"; women's writing; the Great Lakes/Northeastern culture; the recent immigrant experience; poetry in translation; science fiction poetry.
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What Snakes Want – Kita Shantiris

Kita Shantiris - What Snakes Want - front cover

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 78 pages
2015, ISBN: 978-1-936419-51-7 $15.95 + S&H

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What Snakes Want is also available on Kindle

Slyly sexual, intense and funny, in What Snakes Want Kita Shantiris strips secrets of their power by telling them. Running away and returning, burying and unearthing, she—and a cast that includes abused siblings, desperate spinsters, and an army medic—struggle to escape their shadows. Throughout, Shantiris’ startling use of language animates her portraits.

A psychologist who runs a non-profit mental

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Doris’ Red Spaces – Gretchen Primack

Doris' Red Spaces by Gretchen Primack

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 75 pages
2014, ISBN: 978-1-936419-33-3 $15.95 plus S&H

Does everyone have a half-imaginary-friend, half-alter-ego figure walking beside them? That’s what Doris is for author Gretchen Primack. Doris’ Red Spaces moves back and forth between poems from the author’s perspective and those about or in the voice of Doris. The two characters’ attitudes and actions converge and diverge on wide-ranging topics. There are poems that affirm both characters’ desire to not bear children, poems that talk frankly of suicide, poems that explore adolescence, sexual hunger, and grief. The poems’ language, simultaneously sharp and lush, brings the characters to life. “Doris is proud to love the fall,” starts one poem. “I’m

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How We Move the Air – Garnett Kilberg Cohen

How We Move the Air - Garnett Kilberg Cohen

Paper, perfect bound, 110 pp
$16.95 plus s&h
2010, ISBN 978-0932412-935

  “How We Move the Air” by Garnett Kilberg Cohen is available on Kindle. Click to download from Amazon

How We Move the Air tells the story of musician Jake Doyle’s suicide and how, over time, it affected those who knew him. In seven linked stories, Garnett Kilberg Cohen explores the complex ways in which people choose to remember—or not remember—the past.

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