The American Floor – Kip Zegers

The American Floor – Kip Zegers

The American Floor - Kip Zegers
The American Floor – Kip Zegers

Paper, saddlestitched, 24 pp
$6 plus s&h
1996, ISBN-0-932412-09-2

by Kip Zegers

As I walk home from the school yard
where others attacking baskets were twelve years old,
it is a robin-anointed evening,
lingering light on dinnertime streets,
flittings in still naked trees.
Days ago I’d heard only starlings,
jays with rediscovered voices, just arrived grackles
that gasped, clicked, croaked dry-mouth
strangulations, hushed now before robin’s
liquid, lilac song, engorged with April.
Privet, forsythia, antenna, magnolia
birth a music that is so frantic, sweet
and unconcerned with waste, limit or any caution
that I almost genuflect, passing with my worn
basketball. Myself again, a kid
approaching some spontaneous combustion
knowing nothing I could, or was free to, do.
How spring revved its hundreds of horses
and left me starting as it drove away, the swollen and unbuttoned dark
already in its arms

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Kip Zegers was born in Chicago and lives in New York City, where he teaches at Hunter College High School. The American Floor is his fifth book of poems.