Uncommonplaces: Poems of the Fantastic – Judith Kerman and Don Riggs, eds.

Uncommonplaces: Poems of the Fantastic – Judith Kerman and Don Riggs, eds.

Uncommonplaces: Poems of the Fantastic - Judith Kerman and Don Riggs, eds.
Uncommonplaces: Poems of the Fantastic – Judith Kerman and Don Riggs, eds

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Paper, perfect bound, 148 pp
$15.00 plus s&h
2000, ISBN 0-932412-17-3

Uncommonplaces: Poems of the Fantastic
edited by Judith Kerman and Don Riggs
with cover art by Judith Clute, features poems by

  • Brian Aldiss
  • Gene Doty
  • Sydney Duncan
  • Joe Haldeman
  • Patricia Harkins-Pierre
  • Donna Hooley
  • Marilyn Jurich
  • Judith Kerman
  • Jeanne Larsen
  • Robert Lima
  • David Lunde
  • Patrick O’Leary
  • Don Riggs
  • Dan Timmons
  • Rick Wilber
  • Jane Yolen