Mayapple Press is a small literary press founded in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. We celebrate literature that is both challenging and accessible: poetry that transcends the categories of "mainstream" and "avant-garde"; women's writing; the Great Lakes/Northeastern culture; the recent immigrant experience; poetry in translation; science fiction poetry.
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A Weakness for Boleros – Lidia Torres

A Weakness for Boleros - Lidia Torres

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 48 pp
$12.50 plus s&h
2005, ISBN-0-932412-34-3

A Weakness for Boleros

by Lidia Torres

The bolero was composed for you and me.
For all the ten year olds drawn
to the plastic dials of the radio,
drooling a bit perhaps,
swaying uncontrollably as the air
in the room tensed, focused
on the sweet vortex of the singer’s voice.
Our breath caught between
the violin strings and the keys
of the piano, the soft beating
of the cowbell in the shadows of the song.
What did I know of that word querer
as I slow danced with a clutched album cover?

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Markers – Suzanne Keyworth

Markers - Suzanne Keyworth

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 72 pp
$14.95 plus s&h
2005, ISBN-0-932412-35-1

Aunt Maggie Mae Harrison-Norton
October 8, 1900—May 30, 1977

by Suzanne Keyworth

after Bobby’s death, 1936

At the edge of a highway a child waits
to cross over. He is difficult to see
through the whirring layer of years, almost impossible
to feel. Dressed in a summer shirt, he balances
on one bare foot, then the other,
the sweltering heat of his fifth year sears
his soles, blisters break
into callouses, and I furiously thread
the thinning string of my 36th year
back through the needle of his eyes, form a loop,
jerk an awkward knot in the unsettling tug

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The Mysteries of the Rosary – Martin Achatz

The Mysteries of the Rosary - Martin Achatz

Poetry. Paper, Perfect Bound. 62pp.
$10.00 plus S&H
2004, ISBN 0-932412-28-9

Based loosely on the Catholic Rosary and other devotional prayers, this collection of poems is quiet and intense, walking the mysterious line between sacramental and sacrilegious.

Sleeping with Grief
by Martin Achatz

I don’t know what to do with my wife’s grief,
How she clutches my shirt,
Weeps the way Eve wept for Abel,
Sorrow wild, thick as locusts.

She says grief sits in her stomach,
Fills her up like Thanksgiving dinner.
I imagine carving grief, serving it
With stuffing, black and full of

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Coming Clean – Adrienne Lewis

Coming Clean - Adrienne Lewis

This item is part of the Book of the Month Special Offers!

Paper, perfect bound, 30 pp
$8.00 plus s&h
2003, ISBN 0-932412-21-1

The poem as a form of prayer is one of poetry’s earliest traditions. In the lyric poems of this strong first book, Adrienne Lewis explores the nexus of faith and sexuality as experienced in the dilemmas of marriage and family life.

by Adrienne Lewis

For those on earth can much advance us here.
— Dante

Catholics have it all wrong: Purgatory
is not in the afterlife. It is the aisle in a grocery store
where your husband ignores you, the bed covers
you lie beneath alone. Never knowing if

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Nieblas de Luna / Moon Fogs – Johnny Durán

Nieblas de Luna/Moon Fogs - Johnny Durán

Nieblas de Luna/Moon Fogs – Johnny Durán

Bilingual (Spanish/English)
Paper, saddlestitched, 52 pp
$8.50 plus s&h
2004, ISBN 0-932412-23-8

A bilingual collection translated from the original Spanish by the author.
This is the first title in our new Mamey Editions project, focused on bilingual publications and Caribbean literature.

Judith Kerman comments:
“The poet’s voice explores the distances of desire with a quiet yearning equally moving in both languages, a romanticism in which the strangeness and distance of the world illuminate and map the strangeness and distance of the beloved.”

The Chess Player
by Johnny Durán

For Leandro Morales

In his beloved chaos barely touched by anguish
Jose has arranged on an invisible board

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House – Mariela Griffor

House - Mariela Griffor

Poetry. Paper, perfect bound, 56 pp.
$14.95 plus s&h
2007, ISBN 978-0932412-539

House is a love affair between the poet and Chile. While making real the struggles of war, becoming an expatriate and the alienation that accompanies the immersion in a new culture, Griffor also conveys the beauty and nostalgia she feels for her home country. She commands our attention, and we share her sadness, compassion, anger and hope. Influenced greatly by the American lyric tradition, Mariela’s poems play softly and skillfully; the smooth strum lingers in the readers ears.

2007 Griffin Prize nominee
2007 PEN Beyond Margins nominee

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House – Mariela Griffor